Come to The Garden and Experience God
Our Message

The Garden is a growing place.
The Garden is where Love grows.
At The Garden, we believe in Love.
We believe that Love can change a life.
We believe that Love can change the World.
We believe that Love says that every life matters
We believe that Love has a name.
That name is Jesus.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you Experience God as never before...

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Your Part

We invite you to come and Experience God as never before. Not a corporate God, Not a religious God. But the Real God. The God who loves you unconditionally. This God accepts you and helps you. This is the real God of Hope and Joy. This God empowers you to Live your Best Life. This God is the real Jesus, and He finds the lost and wandering, and makes them a friend, and gives them a home. Come experience God as never before... 

Come wander in The Garden, and let's see what God can do...

the Presence of God - people who come to The Garden for the first time, consistently say they feel God's presence the moment they walk in the door.
they Also say ...
they feel welcome, loved, and accepted
they say this feels like home.
like a family ought to feel.
we encourage you to worship in this community
church and see what Love can do

More of What to Expect

Our pastor

A Funny  &  Creative Communicator
Called to Connect
Life, Love, and Liberty
to a New Life in God
Emphasizing Relationship
Embracing Grace
Walking in Love
Sharing Truth

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This is Where we Meet...


Each of the pictures below is a real person who is actually a part of our church family. (they are not imaginary models who are there just to make our website look good) Some have graduated, some have moved, but they are still part of our family.
They are not perfect, but that is ok. None of us is.
We worship together, we laugh together, and we serve together.
Come Worship with us, and See where Love grows...

jc at winter park church
la at winter park church
ds at winter park church
rr at winter park church
jr at church orlando
ta at church orlando
adt at church orlando
ra at full sail graduation
gr at winter park church
rs at winter park church
mp family at winter park church
sb at winter park church
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We’ll reach out to you, if you tell us how. 

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