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Our Meetings
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Sunday Church at The Garden of Grace
Sundays @ 10:30 am
On Sunday we gather for Worship & Ministry in the Word
This is what most people call Church
Diversity is Desired, an Open heart is Required
Expect great Worship, a great Word, and Kind People
Expect an Authentic Encounter with God

Saturday Church at The Garden of Grace
Saturdays @ 6 pm
The 6 is a very contemporary church meeting.
For about an hour, we share music, video,
and conversations about God and Life
Expect Group Conversations
Expect to Connect

Wednesday Church - Garden University
Wednesdays @ 7 pm
On Wednesday, we gather for Bible teaching & Fellowship
Messages are designed to Equip you for Personal Growth,
for Service, Outreach, Discipleship, and Leadership
These are diverse lessons that are designed to help you be successful
We call it Garden University, but you won't be Graded and it's Free
We have a Time of Fellowship with the Pastors after the Meeting

Friday Night Church Worship
Friday Night Worship
1st Friday Night of the Month  @ 7 pm

This is an evening of Soaking in God's Presence
Ministry is in Music and in Word
This is a time to be genuinely Refreshed and Encouraged
This is a time to hear from God

Fun Church EventsFun Church EventsFun Church Events
Monthly Fun Church Events
Typically the 3rd Weekend of the Month
On Friday Night or Saturday Day

These are times that we come together to have some fun. 
These events usually invovle a lot of food, and a lot of laughs.
It may be a cookout, a dessert and game night, 
a group dinner, or even something as wild as "The Marshmallow Olympics".
These are times for us to make new friends, and enjoy existing friends.
This events are for singles and families, 
the young and the not so young.
Get the calendar here for details about this month's event.

Friday Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer - Please Call for Schedule
A faithful group gathers together for about an hour,
for prayer and intercession

Follow this link to check our Calendar for other Special Events & Meetings not Listed here ...