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The Vision to Carry out the Mission
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you experience God as never before....

Our Vision Statement

The Vision is the way that the Mission is Accomplished.

It is essentially directions on how to accomplish your mission.
The best Vision statements come from God, and are clearly written, in Detail.

...“Write the vision , and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. Hab 2:2

LOVE - We all have different responsibilities in this life, but the one thing that we all share in common is that, we are all called to Love God, to Love Ourselves, and to Love one Another. This is not always easy. At times, we all need some help and encouragement. As we grow, we can help ourselves, help others, and honor the Lord.

Teaching - It is our desire, and our mandate from God, to be a teaching center where believers, and non-believers, can be equipped with the knowledge to Grow & to Succeed. For some, this will mean receiving a foundation in a spiritual life for the first time. For others, this will mean adding deeper understanding to an already solid foundation.

A Safe Place ( at all times, in all ways, the Garden is to be a safe place within biblical precepts for all persons ) In order to grow, we all need a safe place to explore, to learn about, and to express, the unique and special gifts and talents that God has given to each of us. At The Garden, you will be taught and encouraged, at times even corrected, and as a result, your gifts and talents and abilities will grow, and you will prosper.

A Healing Center ( where Healing is an expected experience) - In addition to being a teaching center, the Garden is a healing center. Healing goes beyond just physical needs, and includes deep inner healing for our hearts and our souls. We have all been hurt. God desires to minister to all of our hurts. We believe in miracles, but we also know that the knowledge of the Truth brings lasting healing.

Worship ( is foundational & encompasses all areas of life )The Garden is a House of Worship - We worship God In Truth and In Spirit. God is Just, Holy, & Worthy to be Worshiped & Revered & Praised. Worship is about blessing God, not about entertaining man. Worship at The Garden is God Centered. Worship at the Garden of Grace is joyful & genuine, heart felt & hope filled.

The Holy Spirit – ( What is Special about The Garden ? - Lots of things ) In particular, we have a specific mandate to see an Active Restoration and a Genuine Presence, of the Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit whenever we are gathered together. His presence is not fabricated or imagined. We are not ashamed of the Gifts of God. We celebrate the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God. We welcome Him into our lives and our ministry.

Who will accomplish this Vision ? ( it is not about a man or a woman or about a ministry brand or logo, but about people working together, in partnership with one another, and it is all about the purpose and the presence of God ) - Together, Pastor Red, along with leaders, volunteers, and friends, all seek to fulfill God's Vision for The Garden of Grace. 

Balance - This is done by consistently ministering Balance in the Life of the Believer - Balance is found by combining the Undiluted Truth and the Unsurpassed Grace, with the Overflowing Spirit and in the Overshadowing Love of God.

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship ( How do we accomplish this Vision ?) - Ministry is accomplished thru relationship. These relationships include Discipleship & Mentoring, Training & Teaching, Prophetic Impartation & Prayer, Partnership & Friendship, Apostolic and Prophetic Oversight, and Mutual Respect and Love, with an Emphasis on Holiness that
comes from the inside out.

The Garden is to be a Ministry Center – A gathering place for regular people, young and not so young, as well as, ministers and ministries who love the Lord - a place for fellowship and sharing, a place for conferences and learning. We are to assist in maturing and equipping the Saints in the Body of Christ, and to see people and organizations go forth and be successful. As a specific mandate, we are to share God's Vision and God's Love, God’s Truth and God’s Grace, God’s Holiness and God’s Power, with the next Generation of Leaders and Christ Followers. This next generation is to have an active role in the ministry at The Garden.

Today - More than just a Church ( What does this Vision look Like today ? ) - The Garden of Grace is a Ministry center, which means that it is much more than just a church. It maybe a little different than what you are used to in a church. Because it is a ministry center, there are opportunities throughout the week for fellowship and learning. We emphasize deep Teaching and thorough Healing. We emphasize true Worship. We are led by the Holy Spirit. We expect the Prophetic. We assemble to accomplish God’s purposes, each and every time we meet

Tomorrow – Much more than just a Church (What will this Vision look Like tomorrow ?) - The ultimate fulfillment of the God Given Vision for The Garden of Grace, will be an easily replicated, completely accessible, and wholly genuine place of discipleship, that ministers to the Whole Person - Spirit, Soul, and Body. There will be multiple locations, with many leaders and ministers. It will be a 24/7 ministry center, and God will be Glorified in the process of all.

It’s from God ( we are confident of that ) The Vision, and even the Name & Logo, for The Garden of Grace was handed down from God, to found this ministry. It is not the vision or creation of a man or woman. As such, it is not to be altered by the natural or worldly thoughts and intents, however good they may be, of man or woman. Because it is from God, we may trust it.

How do we know that the Vision is working ? - We know that the Vision is is working, when we see the hopeless discover Hope, when we see the broken become Whole, when we see the outcast become the Accepted, when we see the student become the Teacher, when we see the impoverished become the Empowered, when we see the lost become the Found.

Who may share in this Vision ? - You

So, what is Your Next Step ?

We encourage You to explore your role in carrying out
God’s Vision for The Garden of Grace.

Experience the Truth - Share the Love - Feel the Power