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Love is the reason we do what we do. We believe that the Bible is clear, and that God is Love.
When asked what was the number one commandment,
Jesus said, “ to love the Lord your God
with your whole heart, mind, and soul…
and to love your neighbor as yourself “.
Three commands in one:
to love God, to Love others, to Love yourself.
Therefore we believe the first thing, in all things,
is to demonstrate, teach, and share the Love of God.
The goal is to fulfill each of these commandments
without violating the other two.

Those who knew Jesus, and walked with Jesus,
wrote about Jesus.
They wrote how He welcomed the broken,
the unloved,
and the stranger, 
into His community.
He included them.
He blessed them. 
And He helped them (if they wanted to be helped).
This is the same Jesus that stands in our midst today.
The real Jesus is the God seeking inclusion and salvation,
and not the God seeking exclusion and damnation.
The Bible says “whosoever” believes, may be saved.
That means many,
not a select few.
But it is also true, that not all will believe.
Not all will be saved. Why?
Those who walked with Jesus,
wrote how He did all kinds of Amazing things.
And He still does amazing things today.
He hasn’t changed.
And really, the world hasn’t changed all that much.
It is bigger and faster, but the people are the same.
We still need Love, and we still need Jesus.
Come and find both at The Garden of Grace.
Those who walked with Jesus,
also wrote how miracles and amazing things
were possible for them through the Holy Spirit.
These same miracles and amazing things
are possible for us who believe.
Come find encouragement for your belief
at The Garden of Grace